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DeListes restaurant Split menu choices. 


One of the most traditional food pairings in Dalmatia is prosciutto and cheese. Our prosciutto is from Drnis region, the most famous Croatian area for prosciutto making. The cheese we have is from  “Livno cheese” a ripe sheep milk cheese from Livno region in Bosnia & Herzegovina. Prosciutto and cheese plate is 120 HRK.

Another well known appetizer in Dalmatia is the marinated fish mix. This plate includes marinated anchovies, sardines, and shrimp and salt cured sardines or/and anchovies, with a side of seasonal salad, olives and capers, all drenched in high quality olive oil from island Brac.  Marinated fish plate is 80 HRK.

Here is our chef Zdravko cutting or carving a whole prosciutto to make a fresh order.

Zdravko cutting the prosciutto

Main courses

When it comes to Main dishes, we have several choices that change throughout the season and to some extent daily, depending on what is available at our farm and at local fish markets.

One of the dishes that our chef Zdravko really loves is the contemporary version of classic wine based fish stew. This version is with cuttlefish and octopus, with tomato and wine sauce and fava beans. Large portion for only 90 HRK. 

octopus and cuttlefish stew, DeListes restaurant, Split

We also have classic comfort food such as pasta with beef – goulash style sauce. 85 HRK

Lamb with peas is also an old Dalmatian staple dish. Lamb shoulder or leg is braised and cooked in wine based sauce with edition of peas. Dalmatian lamb is high quality with a distinct but subtle flavour that will suit even those who usually do not like meats like lamb or goat. This portion is 90 HRK.


Frigadura, or mix of daily choice of fresh fried fish and seafood is one of the most popular items on our menu. This is straightforward Dalmatian food in its simplest homemade form. With Frigadura we usually serve homemade potato salad, green bean salad and zucchini patties (potatoes, beans and zucchini are from our farm in Vinovo Gornje village near Split).  All of this for only 95 HRK.

Our menu changes so the best way to see what we have is to come by, and check our social media. 

Other dishes on DeListes menu:

Stuffed sardines with vegetable mix, 95 HRK.

Penne pasta with shrimps in white wine sauce, 90 HRK.





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