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DeListes traditional Dalmatian with a modern twist


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Traditional Dalmatian and Dalmatian Inland cuisine with a modern twist.

Traditional Dalmatian meal of fresh fried fish, DeListes, Split
Traditional Dalmatian meal of fresh fried fish, Frigadura, DeListes, Split, Croatia.

Our restaurant offers a selection of traditionally inspired, homemade dishes. All dishes are made of fresh good quality, locally sourced, seasonal and organic ingredients.

We are located in the centre of  beautiful old part of Split, near the fish market.  


Our restaurant is closely connected to our  farm located near the city of Split. That is  where we grow most of our vegetables. This makes us a “Farm to Table” concept restaurant as well. Moreover, our produce is organic as it grows in a pristine rural farmland, and is not treated with any chemicals. 

DeListes, SplitDeListes, Split, organic cherry tomatoes from our farm

What do we have on our menu?

Off course we have Dalmatian style food on our menu. However, we don’t make dozens of dishes with strange name and overly complicated recipes. Instead, we have a short and simple menu that changes from day to day.

Delistes, Split, marinated fish plate
Delistes, Split, marinated fish plate

So, our menu reflects the daily availability of fish and produce at our own farm and at the local markets. After all,  we are Dalmatian traditional restaurant, and this is very traditional way of making food in Dalmatia.

Always fresh, always from scratch and always good.
octopus and cuttlefish stew, DeListes restaurant, Split
Octopus and cuttlefish stew,  and Frigadura with seasonal vegetable mix, DeListes restaurant, Split

Relaxed homelike ambient, and super friendly staff. Where every guest feels welcomed!

We pay special attention to provide welcoming, and friendly atmosphere at our restaurant. Therefore, great hospitality, and pleasant experience of our guests is very important to us. We want you to feel like at home!  

We have outside seating, great for hot summer nights, or in the spring and fall to enjoy some sunshine. Additionally, inside we have two long community style dining tables.

DeListes guests, DeListes, SplitDeListes guests, DeListes, Split

The restaurant’s decor reflects that cozy homelike vibe with the rustic feel. The inspiration for the furniture, wood fixings, and decor comes from Dalmatian landscape and culture. Moreover, DeListes decor combines details honouring our tradition,  sea and mountains.

As we strive to be sustainable and eco friendly, we use renewable and recyclable materials, and make effort to minimize waste. In addition to reclaimed wood used in the interior, we also use recycled textile products. Our table cloths, placemats, etc. are all handmade locally by a local textile designer Jamallu!

Delistes restaurant, Split, interior
Delistes restaurant, Split, interior
In addition to great food, we also feature great drinks as well.

When it comes to drinks, we have fantastic wine, red, white and rose. Most of our wines come from the Southern Dalmatian island of Korcula, and the Peljesac peninsula. One of the best wines we have is Divina (red, or white) from Peljesac peninsula. 

Additionally, we have excellent house wines from the Peljesac region too.

For the beer lovers, we also have a tap beer “Karlovacko”. Karlovacko is famous Croatian beer. In addition, we also have few other bottled beer choices.

Delistes Restaurant, SplitDelistes, Split, featuring high quality red and white wine Divina, from Peljesac (island in South Dalmatia)

Additionally, we also have several varieties of famous Dalmatian “Grappa” style drink called Rakija. It is a spirit made of grapes a it is a staple drink in Dalmatian. It is usually drank cold and it is good digestive.

Moreover, original Rakija spirit, is the base for more refined liqueurs and flavoured Rakija. Usual flavours are achieved by using fruit, nuts, herbs and spices. Our rakija comes in Fig, Walnut, Herbs, Sour Cherry, Carob and Honey.

DeListes, Split, owner Zdravko toasting with guests with Rakija

DeListes, SplitDeListes, Split, cheers!

Finally, on occasion DeListes has a guest chefs too!. Several local professional chefs, all friends of the restaurant team, come once a week to cook side by side with our head chef. This is both fun and rewarding both for the staff and our guests. Additionally, it makes the menu more vibrant and interesting too.

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